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Agencja reklamowa Dzikie Ptaki

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Robert Furtak

phone No..: +48 504 436 125

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Office: ul. Elektoralna 4/6 lok. 44
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My remuneration is in the hands of the bank.

After launching the credit, the bank will pay for my work.

You will not incur any costs of my remuneration.

After getting a positive decision, we will wait for the agreement. Before signing it, I will explain to you all of its provisions so that you have no doubts regarding its contents. I will go with you to sign the agreement, on the date that you choose and to the branch that you choose.

I will explain the provisions of the agreement and handle the formalities with you

strona po polsku

Call me, we will talk for a while about your expectations regarding the credit and
we will arrange a meeting.

Contact me

During the meeting, we will discuss all the details, I'll check your creditworthiness and, if possible, we will already choose the banks in which we will apply for financing.  I will explain everything that’s important at that stage. I won’t bother you with the things that aren’t important, I will guide you through the whole process, so you can count on my help at every stage. 

We will meet, discuss the details and choose the cheapest credit for you

After choosing the offers, I will prepare a list of documents that I can’t obtain on my own, e.g. your employment certificate. I will always tell you where and how to get all the documents. When everything is ready, I submit an application to the bank as soon as possible. And you will get the scans of filled in applications, submitted by me in the bank.

I will handle the formalities

The decision-making process may take between several days and several weeks. It depends on multiple factors. With a lot of experience, I know how to accelerate the process, so if you cooperate with me, your formalities will be handled as fast as possible. My experience will be equally useful when negotiating an agreement. If possible, I always negotiate the terms and conditions of agreements for my Clients.

I will accelerate the decision-making process

tel.: +48 504 436 125

mai: robert@robertfurtak.com