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Do you need a mortgage?

Do you want to use my services?





Also, I have experience in mortgages for:

100% of my Clients

come to me by recommendation

however difficult you find it to get a credit, you can count on my help, I never leave my Clients, even in the most difficult situations

for 6 years I’ve been specializing in mortgages, I have extensive knowledge

and, what is most important, my knowledge is up-to-date

What are the benefits of using an expert?

free and professional assistance;

stress-free credit granting process;
reliable information;
a lot of knowledge and experience;
reliable selection of the best credit ;
after getting a credit, you can still count on my help,
if you have a problem with the bank



When should you use the services
of a credit expert?

if you need a mortgage, but don’t know
where to start;
if you don’t have the time to go to banks

or to compile the documents on your own;

if you don’t know how to compare banks' offers

and don’t know how to check which credit
is the cheapest one;

if you don’t know if you have creditworthy

and you don’t know how to check it

if you are terrified by formalities;

and the documentation required by the bank

if you have trouble with creditworthiness.

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Bank consultations and credit experts


Marek S.: I don’t trust easily. That’s why I decided not to consult anyone while searching for a credit. One day I had a discussion about a credit with one bank, on the next – with another one, etc. To tell you the truth, I was exhausted. A colleague asked me why I didn’t go to see Robert. He can tell you for free which banks have the best interest rates. You can always check whether the information he provides is true. It was the best advice I’ve ever received. Thanks to him, I saved time and, what’s most important, I got the most objective information that I couldn’t get from bank employees.

Get to know the opinions of my Clients



banks offered

million funds obtained for Clients

clients from all over Poland

of experience


150 mln

2 000

10 years

I help my Clients effectively

strona po polsku


I will help you in handling all the formalities to the very end. Also, I will recommend specialists who will give you fair and attractive offers (public notary, surveyor, insurer).



I am a credit expert, I have a lot of experience and I know all the latest offers, so I am sure to choose the best credit for you. If a bank negotiates, I will negotiate the most optimum offer for you. I know what conditions you have to meet in order to get a credit, so you won’t have to buy any products you don’t need.


With my experience, you don’t have to wonder what, when and how - you will learn everything from me.
I am at your disposal.
I always take phone calls or I call back as soon as I can.


I handle everything:

from preparing an offer

to filling in the applications

and submitting them in a bank.

You don’t have to worry about spending time on all the formalities. That’s not your problem anymore.

I do not collect any commissions, so you do not incur any additional costs of using my services.


I can guarantee 5 things

My years of experience, engagement and reliability result in effectiveness of my work, but, first and foremost, in satisfaction of my clients. 99% of my Clients receive credits. I act solely on the basis of recommendations, which is the best proof of quality of cooperation with me.

Why me?

It is worth using the services of a credit expert, because what you get is professional assistance without any additional costs. With an advisor:

- you can get an impartial comparison of the current offers, and choose the best one

- you have more chances of getting a credit and on better conditions

- you have all the knowledge and awareness of credit conditions

- you will handle the whole procedure faster, which will reduce the time of waiting for a credit

- the whole process will cost much less effort and stress

Why do you need the services
of a credit expert?

The bank will pay for my work, thanks to which it gets a new Client. My remuneration is in no way connected to the conditions of your credit, and therefore your interest is not higher (quite the contrary: I advise what has to be purchased in the bank and what doesn’t, if you don’t need an account, I will tell you it’s not necessary). If you don’t use my services, my work will be performed by the bank employees, so the bank will still handle the credit handling costs.

Who pays me, then?

No, I don’t work for any bank. I am a credit expert which means that I am not bound by an agreement with any bank. My advise is completely impartial and I always indicate the credit with the most optimum terms and conditions for my Client.

Do I work for a bank?

I will guide you safely and without stress through the whole credit process, and the bank will pay for everything.

I will explain the agreement provisions

I will negotiate the best conditions for your credit

I will accelerate the decision-making process

I will help you in handling all the formalities

We will choose  together the best credit for you

I will check your creditworthiness

I am a credit expert. What does it mean, exactly?

I specialize in mortgages

phone No. +48 504 436 125

Email: robert@robertfurtak.com