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Problem: I was asked for assistance by a foreigner. He needed advice because he didn’t know how to apply for a loan.


Solution: The Credit Act says that everyone may take a loan in the currency of their salary, i.e. francs, pounds of euros. However, such loans may only be repaid in zlotys.

A loan for a foreigner

Problem: I've been recently contacted by a woman who has been operating her own business for 6 months. The bank refused to grant her a loan.

Solution: Some banks take into account the income from the business activities conducted for fewer than 12 months, if you are able to prove continuity of employment. For example: your previous employer is one of your current customers.

Trouble with creditworthiness

Problem: Some time ago I was contacted with a client who didn't get a loan from a bank, because her employment period was too short.

Solution: Some banks accept specific task contracts with 6-monthly employment period. The rest only accept 12-month periods. However, we managed to find a solution. It turned out the best method was combining her current contract with her previous one. In the case of working in a similar position, it is possible to join two contracts into one.

Employment period that’s too short

Problem: I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting a physician. He didn’t have any creditworthiness because he had failed to pay his previous loans in a timely manner.

Solution: There are banks which do not require documented creditworthiness. People with professions of public trust, i.e. physicians or lawyers, are granted with loans on the basis of the duration of their employment. The interest rate depends on the length of their employment.

Professions of public trust

Problem: I’ve recently had a client who applied for a loan for an apartment. The investment was still under construction, so no bank wanted to grant him a loan.


Solution: I advised that he go to the same bank and apply for a loan for completion of a construction. He succeeded without trouble. The bank will not grant a loan for a building under construction without an additional application for completion of the construction


Never-ending investment

Every loan is different. When I see my Clients, I use my experience and knowledge, but, first and foremost, I try to take a personal approach to every case. That’s why I don’t just work in standard ways, and so what the Client gets is my full involvement and the best possible effect, i.e. the loan that’s most beneficial for them. Please find below examples of the cases which I successfully handled till the end.


And do you already know whether you meet all
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