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Mirosław L.: I met Robert in Poznań, during a business meeting. He impressed me with his knowledge and with the ease with which he answered my loan-related questions. He didn’t use any banking language to do that. So, he was the first person I called when I made the decision to but an apartment with a loan. The distance didn’t cause any major problems to the whole loan-granting process.

Client from Poznań

Krzysztof G.: If you want to save time on looking for a loan. If you're worried you will choose a bad bank offer. Don’t hesitate
and call Mr. Robert.

It’s worth to make a call

100% of my Clients come to me by recommendation. For me, that’s the best summary of my work, experience and effectiveness. I am always fully engaged in handling my Client, and, in particular, concentrated on getting the best loan solution for them. Please find below the references of some of the Clients who used my services. At the first meeting, I can give you the phone numbers to some of the people who recommend me. You will learn, from Clients’ point of view, how they assess the work I did for them.

I am not very good with red tape. I am glad Mr. Robert filled in my applications and took them to the bank. He advised me not to buy insurance in the given bank, because in the market I could find a cheaper offer with more coverage. He recommended a public notary who devoted his time to me on a Saturday. What else can I say

Comprehensive assistance

Kamil Ś.: My wife and I decided to buy an apartment. We started looking for a home loan, so we went to a bank. After less than 90 minutes, we left with our heads full of information. The lady we talked to calculated our creditworthiness. It followed from her calculations that our creditworthiness was a little lower than the price for which we wanted to buy the apartment. We decided to postpone our dreams of having our own place. One day, a colleague of mine told us to meet Mr. Robert. He came to us to Pruszków. He told us that the fact we didn’t have the creditworthiness in one bank didn’t mean we didn’t have it in other banks. Mr. Robert found a bank where we got a home loan. We’ve lived in the apartment ever since. Soon, we will want to move to a bigger place, and the only option I can see is asking Mr. Robert for help.

Trouble with creditworthiness

I don’t trust easily. That’s why I decided not to consult anyone while searching for a credit. One day I had a discussion about a credit with one bank, on the next – with another one, etc. To tell you the truth, I was exhausted. A colleague asked me why I didn’t go to see Robert. He can tell you for free which banks have the best interest rates. You can always check whether the information he provides is true. It was the best advice I’ve ever received. Thanks to him, I saved time and, what’s most important, I got the most objective information that I couldn’t get from bank employees.

Bank consultations and credit experts

Monika S.: I was purchasing an apartment at a bad time. Credit interest rates were very high. I lived with such a credit for several years. I learned by accident that credits may be transferred between banks. My situation changed, because I got divorced. I received alimony. Unfortunately, the bank I went to told me that alimony isn‘t taken into consideration when determining my creditworthiness. It so happened that I heard of Robert who was handling my aunt’s credit. I called him. It turned out that there are banks that take alimony into account. We transferred my credit to another bank and so my monthly installment is lower by PLN 300. Thank you, Mr. Robert, for handling all the credit-related formalities. What you told me during the meeting was true: the first time that the client needs to visit the bank is to sign the credit agreement.

Transferring a credit to another bank

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